Konstantinos Tsioras, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow

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Konstantinos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After his graduation from the Department of Biology of Athens University, he performed his PhD thesis at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute studying the mechanisms that control the balance between the cellular proliferation of neural stem cells versus their differentiation towards mature neurons. His emphasis was on protein-protein interactions of neural specific molecules implicated in signaling pathways that direct cell-cycle exit and neuronal differentiation. Afterwards and in the same Institution, he had the great opportunity to get involved in iPSC technology, studying the pathological mechanisms of Parkinson's Disease in human neurons derived from patients carrying the A53T mutation in alpha-synuclein gene. In the beginning of 2016 he joined the lab of Dr. Evangelos Kiskinis at Northwestern University at Chicago, in order to elucidate the common mechanisms between the different familiar forms of the severe neurological disorder ALS, using the humanized cellular model of iPSCs. Outside the lab, Konstantinos is planning to explore Chicago as much as he can and progressively more cities and states, to buy a bicycle keeping on his favorite habit, and (hopefully) to deepen his love of photography.

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