Latest News

  • Evangelos joined the Scientific Advisory Boards of Synapticure and the Live Like Lou Foundation.

  • The lab has been awarded two new NIH awards focused on the investigation of NEK1 (R01) and DNAJC7 (R21) and their links to ALS. April 2023.

  • Congratulations to Andrew Fleming for being awarded an NIH NINDS NRSA for his work on DNAJC7 in ALS. March 2023.

  • The Scripps News Agency visited the Kiskinis Lab to discuss our recent discoveries in maturing iPSC-derived neurons. February 2023.

  • Evangelos spoke at the BBC Naked Scientists Podcast about our recent discoveries on the use of ECM mimetics. January 2023.

  • New study on the on the effects of PA2 nanofibers on stem cell-derived neurons made the cover of Cell Stem Cell. January 2023.

  • New study published in Stem Cell Reports describing some hard-earned lessons in CRISRP/Cas9 editing of human iPSC lines. March 2022.

  • Congratulations to Jacob Mann PhD., for being awarded the prestigious 2022 ALS Scholars in Therapeutics Grant. August 2022.

  • Evangelos spoke at the Scientist Speaks Podcast about the use of iPSC technologies in the investigation of epilepsy. January 2021.

  • Congratulations to Zaida Alvarez, Alberto Ortega and Sam Stupp for their breakthrough study which is now out in Science. More news here and here. December 2020.

  • Congratulations to Dina Simkin PhD., for being promoted to Research Assistant Professor, as well as for being awarded an NIH-NINDS R21 Research Grant. November 2021.

  • New collaborative paper out with Paschalis Kratsios on RAN translation mechanisms of C9orf72 DPRs published at Nature Communications. November 2021.

  • Listen to Evangelos discuss the impact of iPSC models on personalized therapeutics at the Personalized Medicine Podcast. September 2021.

  • Evangelos spoke at the Annual International Society of Stem Cell Research Symposium Innovation Showcase. June 2021.

  • Evangelos has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of Axion BioSystems. April 2021.

  • Well done to Andrew Fleming for being awarded a position at the NUIN T32 Training grant, as well as Francesco Alessandrini, for being awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the AFM Telethon. March 2021.

  • Our study on the mechanisms that give rise to a devastating neurodevelopmental pediatric epilepsy syndrome KCNQ2-DEE is now published at eLife. Well done to Dina Simkin for leading this work! February 2021.

  • Congratulations to Evangelos for being selected as a 2020 Falk Medical Research Trust Catalyst Award Recipient. November 2020.

  • Evangelos spoke at the annual Les Turner ALS Symposium. You can listen to his talk here. November 2020.

  • New collaborative paper out describing a novel interaction between Matrin 3 and C9orf72. Congratulations to Udai Pandey and his team for leading this and our own Beth Daley! See it here. November 2020.

  • Well done to our new postdoc Jake Mann for being awarded a postdoc fellowship from the NIH/NINDS T32 General Motor Control Mechanisms and Disease Training Program! October 2020.

  • Evangelos has joined the Scientific Advisory Boards of the Packard Center and the C9 Foundation.

  • Evangelos presented at the Axion BioSystems Coffee Break Webinar series a talk entitled: Modeling pediatric epilepsy with iPSC-based technologies. See it here.

  • Our latest work describing the effects of the ALS-causal gene C9orf72 on subcellular protein redistribution and NMD is now online in Neuron. Congrats to Alberto Ortega and Beth Daley for driving this project and thanks to all our invaluable collaborators Jeff Savas and Udai Pandey. More on this exciting study can be found here and here. February 2020.

  • Congratulations to Beth Daley for being awarded her NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship! Hard work pays off! January 2020.

  • Evangelos has been awarded the 2019 New York Stem Cell Foundation - Robertson Investigator Award. See the press release and Northwestern news article, October 2019.

  • 'Organic interactions' grow into new discoveries: Global researchers form lasting collaboration at SQI, May 2019.

  • Lab awarded a new NIH grant R21 NS111248 entitled “Defining the Mechanisms by Which NEK1 Genetic Variants Associated With ALS Patients Lead to Motor Neuron Degeneration", April 2019.

  • Congratulations to Alberto Ortega for being awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the French Muscular Dystrophy Association AFM-Téléthon to study C9orf72 disease mechanisms, Feb 2019.

  • New paper out in collaboration with the Stupp lab on the use of supramolecular particles to deliver siRNAs into human neurons: PMID:30775231, Feb 2019.

  • Lab awarded funding from the Les Turner ALS Foundation to pursue 3-year projects on deciphering molecular mechanisms of genetic ALS subtypes. See news here.

  • Congratulations to Alberto Ortega, his stunning image of iPSC-derived NPCs was selected by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine as one of the most Striking Scientific Image of 2018.

  • See Evangelos speak during the ALS Walk for Life in September 2018.

  • Check out our latest manuscript on the use of all optical electrophysiology to measure excitability deficits in ALS patient motor neurons: PMID:29779896. Related news stories here.

  • Congratulations to Dina Simkin for winning an Axion Biosystems Travel Award.

  • Evangelos to present at the LiveLikeLou Foundation Emerging ALS Investigators Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute, August 2018, Pittsburgh, USA. The title of the talk: Defining the Sub-Cellular Proteome in Mutant C9orf72-Expressing Cells.

  • Learn more about the research at Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern here.

  • Lab awarded a new collaborative NIH grant R21 NS107761 entitled “Defining the Impaired Proteostasis Network in ALS Patient Motor Neurons".

  • The Kiskinis lab is part of multi-institutional team awarded a Centers Without Walls NIH U54 NS108874-01 grant on an Epileptic Channelopathy Center. Evangelos is the PI on Project 2 of the grant entitled “Investigation of Human Neuron Models of Channelopathy-Associated Epilepsy”. Related news stories here.

  • Evangelos to present at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Focus Session BlueRock: Using Pluripotent Stem Cells to Treat Diseases of the Nervous System, June 2018 Melbourne, Australia. The title of the talk: Developing Patient-Specific Stem Cell ModelsTo Inform New Epilepsy Therapies.

  • Evangelos gave an interview at the Stem Cell Podcast.

  • Congratulations to both of our fabulous undergraduates, Liana and Marisa for being awarded grants from the Northwestern University Undergraduate Research Grant program! Well-done guys!

  • Check out our latest manuscript on the role of DNA methylation dynamics in the differentiation of human motor neurons: PMID:29551301. Read news stories here, here and here.

  • Lab awarded a new NIH grant RO1 NS104219 entitled “Determining How Defective Nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking Leads to Neurodegeneration in C9orf72-Related ALS and FTD".

  • Congratulations to Beth for being awarded a Mechanisms of Aging and Dementia T32 graduate training position!

  • Lab awarded a 2-year Research Grant from the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.

  • Evangelos presented our work on DNA methylation dynamics in motor neurogenesis at ISSCR in Basel.

  • Evangelos gave a Keynote presentation at the 3rd Annual 24 Hours of Stem Cells.

  • Evangelos featured on the Stem Cell Podcast.

  • New Center Develops Unique Collaborations To Advance Epilepsy Research.

  • Stem Cell Biology the Focus for New ALS Lab.

  • Patient stem cells help identify common problem in ALS.

  • Η απροσδόκητη επιτυχία γνωστού φαρμάκου.

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